One event, two different venues

M&M Reality Holding has real estate agents throughout the Czech Republic. This year, they divided their annual meetings into the regions of Bohemia and Moravia.


GIS Esri 30th anniversary, for the second time online

The Esri GIS conference in the Czech Republic celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

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How we organized AVA Showcase?

Cooperation was essential during the pandemic. Many companies have adapted to the situation, and we also wanted to let the world know that we have managed the situation and still have something to offer.



Hybrid events are in full swing, as demonstrated by the 'HYBRID' conference.


Conference also from the arena with Blue Events

We have already mentioned that long-term cooperation has many advantages.


Staropramen staff conference in oneAVstudio

Employee conferences are an important event for many companies.


Office DEPOT for the first time virtually

The importance of our system of preparation and management of remotely connected guests from various countries for the smooth running of the virtual event was confirmed by the business conference of the Office Depot


Safe conference in O2 Universum for OLYMPUS

To organize safe events for our clients, we offer four studios at AV MEDIA EVENTS, each offering different technical options to customize customer's needs.


South Moravia online Tour

The first online fam trip, during which selected tourist attractions and commercial entities were introduced. There was also an online wine tasting.


Hybrid across Europe

People are gradually getting used to the hybrid events. We are actively organizing them and together with our clients we are connecting companies or employees across the world.


Annual staff conference - from a live event to a virtual meeting

The motto of recent months not only for our company has been prepare for anything.

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The first on-line stream for Marie Claire

We get a lot of questions from our clients with any sort of requests.


The main goal of conferences and congresses is to convey the information in an entertaining and exciting form. Our services not only include the rental of AV equipment, but we will take care of the entire technological part of conferences and congresses.


You can greet the guests and take part in the program that interests you. We will take care of the rest. We provide projection, sound, lighting, simultaneous translation or voting. We will help you with the production of content and coordinate the entire event to your satisfaction.

  • Safety first - Our covid manager takes care of safety during all events. For example, he makes sure that things such as social distancing is being maintained.
  • Size matters - Our project manager will help you select the most suitable projection or LED display for your congress or conference, whether in a small meeting room or large hall.
  • Engage your audience - Use modern interaction tools to enrich every event. Let them vote, play games or organize a competition for the best selfie.
  • One stop shop solution - We will create a customized website or event application just for you. Where the participants can register, list in the program and interact during the event. For example, by polling or live chat.


Conferences and congresses have now moved to a virtual environment. It can also bring a lot of benefits! For example, exclusive guests who would not otherwise be able to arrive to the live event due to time constraints might also join the virtual event. Save the time of your attendees and protect our nature from another carbon footprint with a virtual event!

  • Broadcast from anywhere - Maintain professionalism even during the virtual conference, which we can easily broadcast from one of our studios. Do you feel better in the familiar environment of your company? We will bring the equipment to you, and the broadcast can begin!
  • "Hello, can you hear me?" - That's not the case with us! We will ensure the fast and seamless connection of remote participants with the platform of your choice. OneAVstudio guarantees the smooth running of the event, even in case of a power failure! We backup and triple-check.
  • Virtual stroll according to your ideas - We will create an online event that will meet all aspects of the live one. Take a walk around the virtual congress center, where you can choose any lecture you wish to attend. Visit your event sponsors' booths and displays.
  • We break down language barriers - With the help of an interpreting hub, you can connect foreign guests with domestic participants. You don't need to bring the translators to the event, and we can also provide interpretation remotely.

How ALSO your conference can look like?


Retail Summit 2015


You wish to have your event running to your expectations, with no unnecessary troubles? Leave the responsibility to the AV MEDIA professionals, who will provide for everything!

AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technological services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

We approach each customer taking into consideration their individual needs. Hotel operations can make use of our 24/7 support in all aspects associated with AV technologies.

You need an advice with technical AV production? You do not know which technical solution is the right one for your contents and your particular space? Specialists from AV MEDIA will tell you.


Make use of advanced imaging systems and choose a projection surface for your event! AV MEDIA offers projectors, screens, displays and other equipment for your perfect image for any occasion.

Besides modern imaging, adequate sound is an inseparable part of any presentation. Our powerful technologies provide a professional sound for any event!

Lights and light effects play an important role in the overall impression from an event. A sophisticated structure of light effects can create the right atmosphere for your unique event.

Go with the time and do not be afraid of using interactive presentation tools. Make your guests entertained by interactive games or modern presentation tools offered by AV MEDIA.

Turn your projection surface into stage. With decorative elements, props and a platform, your event will look brilliantly. Prepare an uncommon experience for your visitors!

Talk face to face to your partners anywhere in the world. Thanks to our remote communication technologies, you can share image, sound, data, presentations and multimedia disregarding the distance.

Every projection requires a quality signal. You may want to project a PowerPoint presentation, pictures or a movie. Any event deserves a quality office equipment.

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