CEA annual awards distributed

Organizing events last year could be compared to Russian roulette, but there were plenty of daredevils who were not afraid to take the risk.



The world´s best showjumping horses and riders in Prague.


Arena 2020 Summer Collection in Malta

In May 2019 we organized a show on the sunny island of Malta.


OneAVteam at MotoGP – Grand Prix of the Czech Republic

This year's 10th race of the Moto GP series – Grand Prix of the Czech Republic took place from 2nd to 4th August 2019 at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno.


Filming of the Atlantic Crossing TV series

In June 2019 we were delighted to be a part of filming the new historic TV series called Atlantic Crossing. It maps the life of Marta, the Norwegian Crown Princess.


Bohemia Jazz Fest 2019

Great jazz performances revived from 8th to 15th of July 2019 several Czech squares.


Pixar Exhibition - 30 years of animation

From 15 February to 26 May 2019, the Krizik´s Pavillions at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds in Prague will host an exhibition of artwork from one of the most renowned animation studios in the world - Pixar.


An award ceremony, television or fashion show. Your most difficult choice will only be what dress to choose. We will take care of everything else. Don't wait for the "new normal" and organize the event now - online and safely.


Extraordinary events require exceptional solutions. Carefully chosen lighting, sound, projection and other audio-visual elements will take your event to the next level.

  • We take care of the event - Our team consists of professional directors and technicians who will handle the entire event. At the same time, you welcome dear guests and sip a tasty welcome drink.
  • Your event in the spotlight - With perfect lighting, we will enhance the atmosphere of the event. We will also prepare video mapping or thematic projections.
  • The sky is the limit - we will organize the event anywhere you wish - in the Czech Republic or Malta.
  • Your guests will talk about your exceptional event - We can make it fun and exciting. For example, you were having a perfect time with interactive games - at a photo wall, laser maze, or backlit floor.


Even during these difficult and restricted times, you can organize a spectacular show. You can invite guests remotely to the studio or your chosen location. Make the most of your event and prepare an extraordinary experience for the audience in a non-traditional format!

  • Don't be afraid to organize the event remotely - Thanks to the interactive elements, you will stay in immediate contact with your guests throughout the event.
  • Sparkle your event - We will create visual drafts and scripts tailored to your expectations.
  • We break down language barriers - With the help of an interpreting hub, you can connect foreign guests with domestic participants. You don't need to bring the translators to the event. We can also provide interpretation remotely.
  • Receive valuable feedback - Online platforms offer post-event satisfaction questionnaires and evaluations.

Unforgettable experience 


You wish to have your event running to your expectations, with no unnecessary troubles? Leave the responsibility to the AV MEDIA professionals, who will provide for everything!

AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technological services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

We approach each customer taking into consideration their individual needs. Hotel operations can make use of our 24/7 support in all aspects associated with AV technologies.

You need an advice with technical AV production? You do not know which technical solution is the right one for your contents and your particular space? Specialists from AV MEDIA will tell you.


Make use of advanced imaging systems and choose a projection surface for your event! AV MEDIA offers projectors, screens, displays and other equipment for your perfect image for any occasion.

Besides modern imaging, adequate sound is an inseparable part of any presentation. Our powerful technologies provide a professional sound for any event!

Lights and light effects play an important role in the overall impression from an event. A sophisticated structure of light effects can create the right atmosphere for your unique event.

Go with the time and do not be afraid of using interactive presentation tools. Make your guests entertained by interactive games or modern presentation tools offered by AV MEDIA.

Turn your projection surface into stage. With decorative elements, props and a platform, your event will look brilliantly. Prepare an uncommon experience for your visitors!

Talk face to face to your partners anywhere in the world. Thanks to our remote communication technologies, you can share image, sound, data, presentations and multimedia disregarding the distance.

Every projection requires a quality signal. You may want to project a PowerPoint presentation, pictures or a movie. Any event deserves a quality office equipment.

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