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How to make a virtual conference?

Petra Fialová | 6. 4. 2020

The virtual conference for schools inspires how to stay in touch at a distance.

The current situation is not easy for education, and schools have to look for solutions and ways how to limit the negative impact of quarantine measures. So the school segment of AV MEDIA has come with the new concept of the virtual conference for schools. In cooperation with partners, they introduce technologies and solutions, which can help to education at a distance.  

We broadcast the conference live from our oneAVstudio, where moderators and hosts are present in person. The audience can participate from home comfort and see the tips on how to communicate between teachers and pupils, how to do online lessons as well as good practice examples from directors and lecturers. 


Why make a virtual conference? 

If you need quality and modern presentation, invite speakers, interact with the audience, stay in touch with customers, clients, partners, or your community, the virtual conference is the right solution. 


How to make a virtual conference? 

We adjust our studio according to your ideas, and together, we create a concept, which will meet your requirements from technical solutions to furniture to the final graphic design studio. Only your moderator has to be in our studio in person. Other speakers can stay at home because we can connect them to the studio distantly and live. However, another option is to have more than one guest live in the studio and make a moderated interview.  

Possibilities on how to get your conference to your participants are several - via Webex or Facebook, or we may record some posts in advance and manage it at the time of broadcasting. 


How to invite remote audiences? 

In the first step, you send an invitation with instructions and links we prepare for your event. The remote audienceThat way, people can join in the comfort of their offices or home without having to leave. To really engage the audience during the conferencewe can provide real-time votingquiz, or audience queries. 


How to prepare data for presentation? 

Our team prepares the instructions for your presentationconnection, and even tips on how to perform during the broadcasting in the studio. To prevent any complications in live streamingeverything is prepared and tested all along with the rehearsal. 

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