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NEXO loudspeakers

Petra Fialová | 29. 7. 2020

More professional sound at your events!

AV MEDIA EVENTS installs a giant LED screen, builds an outdoor stage, makes a breathtaking light shows, but from now on, we offer a proper sound system!


Thanks to NEXO STM line array systems, we provide adequate output, variability, great auditorium coverage, and a top sound clarity for either small intimate events or even big festivals with international participation.



 We offer tree line array systems. All systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor events:

  1. NEXO GEO S8 – 24 pcs on stock. This system is suitable for small events such as corporate party, club concerts, and theatre.
  2. NEXO STM M28 – 24 pcs on stock. This middle system is suitable for conferences and smaller concerts.
  3. NEXO STM M46 – 24 pcs on stock.  These loudspeakers are complemented by bass module B112. This system is suitable for big concerts and festivals. (It is equivalent to L-acoustic K2 system)

A huge advantage of these sound systems is modularity and user-friendliness at large indoor and outdoor events. Whether it is a sport event, a music festival or a conference for thousands of people, our trained technical team will ensure high quality result.

NEXO loudspeakers series PS:

This type of loudspeaker is suitable for conferences and small events. The advantage is simple installation and user-friendliness.  We offer various kinds of this loudspeaker (PS8, PS10R2, PS15R2). Besides, we have original holders, which allows us to hang loudspeakers on the truss construction in vertical or horizontal positions.

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