Terms of warranty and service


The AV MEDIA SYSTEMS, a.s. company (hereinafter referred to as “the Seller”) provides a warranty for the quality of the goods under the conditions given below. The basic time liability for defects for all of the products is listed in the relevant warranty certificate, service book or on the packing slip. Some product groups have so-called “extended warranty periods” alongside the basic warranty period as well. This period will be listed in the relevant warranty certificate, service book or on the packing slip. The customer acknowledges that during the warranty period exceeding the length of the basic warranty period they cannot claim a replacement product or withdrawal from the contract. For certain products, which have the character of consumables (like lighting sources (light bulbs and lamps), storage batteries, batteries, air filters, cables, remote controls, storage media, transport bags, interactive pens, felt tip pens and lubricating sponges for white boards, etc.) the lifetime and the warranty period is limited and defined by the manufacturer. The warranty is not liable for wear and tear caused by normal use.


The Buyer is obliged to claim or make a complaint with the Seller, which is entrusted by natural or legal persons (authorized service organizations).
It is possible to send equipment for repairs using the following methods:  

  • Personal delivery at a service center or at a branch.
  • Sending by a transport service. The Buyer is responsible for appropriately and safely packaging the equipment. The Buyer covers the expenses for transport to a service center or a collection point; the Seller covers the cost of transport back to the Buyer.
  • A service technician shall come to the Buyer within 5 working days upon request. The costs of transport for the technician to the installation site and back shall be borne by the Buyer (besides warranty claims for equipment with ON-SITE service).
  • It is necessary to present the product for a warranty claim with all accessories supplied.
  • It is necessary to provide substantiating documentation for exercising responsibility for quality as defined in section V. of this Terms of Service and Warranty.


Complaints on product defects, which may be dealt with without consequence within a reasonable period of time (30 days), will be dealt with by a repair or an exchange of the defective portion of the product, in order that the product is without defect and can be properly used. In the case of different warranty and service conditions on the warranty certificate or packing slip, the terms are listed there. This also applies to the place exercising the warranty, which may be, for example, different in respect to manufacturers of consumer electronics to the places referred to in section II. In view of the constant innovation of technology, the Seller reserves the right to substitute a similar part of the same technical characteristics and qualities in case of failure to deliver a spare part from the supplier.


The warranty period does not exceed the period after which the user can demonstrate that the device cannot be used for the purpose for which it was purchased. If the Buyer informs the Seller in writing (electronic email or text message) of the terminating repairs, it is considered the barrier to use has been removed.  


To apply for warranty repair or preventive inspection, it is necessary to submit to an authorized service organization or seller a duly completed warranty card, delivery note or invoice with the model and serial number and date of receipt of the product by the buyer, or proof of previously performed warranty repairs that affect warranty extension. 


Liability for the quality shall not be applied in the event that the equipment bears signs of mechanical or chemical damage, that the cause of this failure was mechanical stress of the product by pressure, being subjected to impacts, dropping or bending, an excess voltage in the network or by applying strong electric or magnetic fields, non-compliance with the operational guidelines (for example not cleaning the projector air filters), using the product in conflict with its purpose, in continuous use or in unsuitable conditions (chemically aggressive, smoky, dusty or a humid environment). The warranty is rendered void in the case breaking the seals, or interfering with an unauthorized individual product. An authorized person means service technician at AV MEDIA SYSTEMS, a.s. or an authorized service provider. Damage caused by natural disasters is not covered by the warranty. Recognizing the rights of the warranty of title is also conditional on an installation product carried out by an authorized person.

The warranty does not apply to pollution of the device, its filters, fans, optical drives and sensors and appropriate cleaning. Reduction of the lifespan of the light source caused by pollution to the devices is also not covered by warranty.


If it has been found during the repairs that the defect was created in a manner which violates the warranty or if the defect claimed is not shown on the product, the owner of the product is required to demonstrably reimburse the service provider or the Seller for the repair costs, the costs of transport and handling costs associated with the necessary handling of the product and with the testing. . 


In any complaints and disputes arising out of complaints to the organization shall be governed by the applicable laws, and in particular in accordance with Act No. č.89/2012 Sb – Civil Code Section § 2113 to 2117 and §2172 and 2173.

*These warranty and service terms are valid from 25.10.2021.

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