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Servicing and support

If, for any reason, equipment delivered from us does not perform correctly, we will do our best to help you as fast as possible. We are here for you 7 days a week.

Problems should be anticipated and avoided both in everyday life and when working with modern technologies. That is why our customers can use several preventive programmes:

  • AV ASISTENCE is a phone support service available 7 days a week from 7:00 to 19:00. Our experienced operator will help you find the cause and solution of your problem, or, if required, send out our technician.
  • AV PREVENCE is an affordable programme for customers possessing a higher number of projectors, which are often and regularly used (training centres, schools). The programme includes regular inspections of projectors (cleaning of air filter, checking of lamp operating time) after a recommended period of 500 operating hours. The number of inspections per year depends on the intensity of operation. When the projectors are located at a single place and all of them can be inspected at the same time, our customers can benefit from discounts on additional projectors at 50 %. The programme can be applied even to comprehensive installations with a control system and other complementary components.
  • AV SERVIS 24 is intended for customers purchasing an individual projector that they frequently use and an outage of which for a prolonged period of time they critically need to avoid. The programme provides for a quick repair in our service centre with a guarantee of working condition within 24 hours.
  • AV JISTOTA is a combined programme for clients with professional requirements including a quick intervention at customer’s site with a free substitution of defective piece of equipment or a quick repair of the system. The programme also includes regular annual (or more frequent, if required) inspection of key components including any necessary cleaning of the projector optical unit.

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